18th May 2018: Ordered 40 more network walkie-talkies

Our "fleet" of the remarkable "unlimited range" of Tesunho SIM-card network walkie-talkies is increasing!

These amazing walkie-talkies use a SIM card and the mobile data networks to send messages over any range at all, provided that there is mobile phone coverage. If you need radio communication across a city, or even between towns and cities, then our network walkie-talkies are what you are looking for.

Network Walkie-Talkies For Hire

15th May 2018: We just took delivery of 300 more radios for hire

Today we received a consignment of 300 new Kirisun PT4200 walkie-talkie radios, most of which will be added to our "hire fleet" in time for our busy summer season. If you are arranging any kind of event over Summer 2018 and you need to hire walkie-talkies, please contact us and tell us what you need!

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