Professional walkie talkie radios for hire anywhere in Britain

We have hundreds of professional-quality full-powered digital and analogue walkie-talkie radios available for hire, and we can deliver them to anywhere in the United Kingdom. We have both UHF and VHF walkie-talkies, and also unlimited range SIM-card equipped mobile data network walkie-talkies.

We have 100s of Hytera digital walkie talkies for rental

We also have a wide range of earpiece / microphones, speaker-mics and headsets available for these radios, including "aircraft-style" full sound-blocking headsets, as well as leather cases with neck-straps for easy carrying.

We have more powerful vehicle radios and base station radios, as well as repeaters for rental.

Hired walkie-talkies come with six-slot multi-charger units, so that the hirer can easily re-charge their hired walkies quickly, and also extra battery packs if required.

Radio Hire Online Quotes

Use our 24/7 automated radio hire quote web page to get a price for hiring radios and accessories.

Just enter your details, and how many radios, earpiece/mics, batteries etc you need to hire, the dates, delivery and collection arrangements, click a button, and the total price will be worked out for you on-screen.

Organising a summer festival, fete, sports event in 2024?

If you are planning a festival, fete, sports day or other 2024 public gathering or event, we have hundreds of walkie-talkies for hire, along with all of the accessories that you may need.

Same Day Hire Radio Delivery in London

If you hire walkie-talkie radios from us and want them delivering to a London address, we can normally arrange this for the same day as you book them.

The price for same-day deliveries varies by postcode (we are in NW6, so the price increases the further you are from us) and the type of vehicle used - call us for a quote!

We have digital radios for rental

We have hundreds of Hytera digital walkie-talkie radios in our "hire fleet" together with a full range of radio accessories.


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