Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Why Do You Hire Kirisun Walkie-Talkies?

A. Because we find them to be reliable, and to perform just as well as "leading brands" that cost twice as much or more to buy.

Also, Kirisun's 6-slot chargers are far more compact than any other make we have found, making them much easier to send out, use and return.

Q. Are the chargers included with your hired walkie-talkies?

A. Yes, always. We do not charge extra fees for the radio chargers, unlike some of our rivals.

We usually offer enough 6-slot chargers to charge all the radios hired at one time. We also have single chargers as well if you prefer these.

Q. What is the "range" of your radios for hire?

A. The issue of how far a radio signal will go is dependent on what objects there are between the transmitting and receiving radio.

Effective range can be from around 1/2 mile in built up areas to 2 or 3 miles in flat, open countryside.

Read more about radios and range here.

Q. Why is your minimum hire period "up to a week"? We only need the radios for one day / two days etc.

A. In practice, we find that many of our customers want to receive their hired walkies a day or so before their actual event.

Also, many event hires are for weekends, meaning that from the date of us sending the walkie-talkies out, to the date we get them back, is almost a week in practice.

For a "weekend" event, the typical pattern is: we send the kit out on Wednesday to arrive on Thursday, and the earliest that the customer can send it back is Monday, so we would get it Tuesday soonest, which is almost a week anyway.

Also, our prices for a week are often less than some other companies charge for one or two days.

Finally, this means that you do not have to worry that your hire cost will increase if you are one day late getting them back.

Q. Why do you offer cheaper prices for larger hire quantities?

A. Because dealing with bigger hires costs us less in terms of "time spent per radio".

Even a hire booking of 3 or 4 radios will involve a certain amount of time spent handling the initial enquiry, processing the payment, emailing invoices, packing the order, sending it, and then receiving, unpacking and checking the kit.

It is cheaper "per radio" for us to process a hire order for 20 radios than one for 5 radios, so we reflect this in our pricing structure.

Q. Why are most of the earpiece/microphones that you hire the "D-shaped" variety as opposed to the kind that fit right into the wearer's ear?

A. When hiring out radio earpieces week in, week out, it is easier to deal with the D-type earpieces, because they do not go into the wearer's ear, and there is therefore no issue of hygiene involved when different people use them one after the other.

Q. Do we need a licence to use the radios that you have for hire?

A. Yes you do - but you will be using our licence, so there is nothing that you need to do in terms of arranging a licence.

Read more about radio licencing here.

So there is no action that you need to take when hiring radios in terms of arranging licences.


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