Walkie Talkie Downloads


We have provided some files that may be useful to people hiring our walkie-talkie radios, including our walkie-talkie rental price lists, and information sheets on each of the radios that we have for hire.

They are in "PDF" format, so you will need to have the Acrobat reader installed on your computer in order to view them.

Amherst full walkie talkie radio hire price list

Pictorial summary of our radio equipment for hire

Kirisun PT4200 UHF hire walkie-talkie information sheet

Motorola GP344 walkie-talkie hire price list

ICOM vehicle or "base station" hire radio information sheet

Repeater for hire information sheet

Below are documents detailing the radio frequencies that our hire walkie-talkies are set to use. The frequencies that we use are the ones allocated in the UK by Ofcom for the use of radio equipment hire companies like us.

These frequencies are never allocated to any permanent radio users, so shouldn't get clashes at large venues, stadiums, hotels etc.

UHF walkie-talkie hire radios - frequency settings

VHF walkie-talkie hire radios - frequency settings

Below are miscellaneous documents that may be of use to our radio hire customers

Hire customers - proof of ID requirements

Example hired radio sign-out and sign-in sheet

Simple instructions for using our hire walkie-talkies

Radios and Effective "Range" information sheet

Using Our Hire Radios With Your Own Or Other Radios

If you have not got the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you can get it by clicking on the symbol below, and following the instructions given.

Link to Acrobat downloads page

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