Walkie-Talkie Rental For Scouts, Guides, Kids Summer Camps

Radio Hire For Kids Activity Trips & Camps

Kids at summer camp photoIf you are organising a children’s camping trip or activity holiday, you will need walkie-talkies to enable your staff and volunteers to stay in touch and to safely manage the whole thing, and to deal with emergencies etc.

We have full-powered 5 watt VHF walkie-talkies ideally suited for outdoor use.

They have an extra-loud loudspeaker, so that they can be heard in noisy outdoor conditions, and are also IP65 rated, so can be used without problems in heavy rain or in other wet conditions.

These walkie-talkies have 16 channels, so that you can designate different channels for different purposes as you require, avoiding the confusion that can arise if everyone is talking on the same channel.PT568 VHF outdoor activity walkie-talkie radio

We also provide a full range of accessories to go with the radios, including compact A4-sized six-slot chargers, earpiece/microphones, headsets, extra batteries so you can keep your radios in use 24/7 if necessary and base station radios.

Children at activity campWe also have repeaters that increase the area of radio signal coverage.

If you would need our radios to work with your organisations' own walkie-talkies, then we can usually do this, provided you let us know the frequencies needed.

25% Radio Hire Discount for All Registered Charities

Many of our radio hire customers who organise children’s camps and trips are charities, and we offer an amazing 25% discount off our standard radio hire rates to all charitable organisations.

Just mention your charity details when booking or when asking us for a price quote, and we will give you the charity discount rate. The discount may also be applicable to non-charity but also not-for-profit hirers.

Ofcom Radio Licence Included

When you hire out our full-power, licensable walkie-talkies from Amherst, you are using our Ofcom hire companies’ licence, so you are covered.

There is no need for you to worry about, or pay for, any specific radio licence for your event.

Our Experience and Customers

We have hired our walkie-talkies for kids’ activity holidays and camps organised by many organisations, including:

Scouts & Girl Guides (various), The Salvation Army, LJY-Netzer. Kids Activity Expo, Ismaili Council, Leapfrog International, RSY-Netzer, Ozanam Wirral Camp, Scripture Uniom, Our Second Home, Vineyard Church, Youth Direct.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Radio Hire Needs

Call us on 020 7328 9792 or email: radios@amherst.co.uk  to ask us questions, or to arrange a hire booking.

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