Plan Your Radio Hire Requirements


Hytera digital walkie talkies for hireWe hire out industry-standard professional 4 watt UHF digital walkie-talkie radios, together will a full range of useful accessories to go with them.

Our radios have 16 channels so that you can separate different job roles (eg event security, production, medical, parking, or different areas within an event or venue). We also have more powerful "base station" or vehicle radios that can be used to communicate with our walkie-talkies.

Most people just hire a set of walkie-talkie radios, which come with their chargers, and quite often some earpiece/microphones to go with them. 

UHF walkie-talkie radios are the best "all rounders"

We have standardised on Hytera digital UHF 4 watt 16 channel walkie-talkies, because these offer the best all-round performance - they have a good range (can be a couple of miles or more in flat, open countryside) and also work well amongst and inside buildings. We do have VHF walkies too, mainly to be used with our VHF base stations. VHF radio signals will travel a bit further than UHF, but they are hopeless in and amongst buildings. We also have analogue UHF walkie-talkies available.

When you hire walkie-talkies from us, we automatically include the chargers for them - you don't need to ask for these, or pay for them separately.

As a minimum, this is all you need - you do not require any kind of "base station" to make the walkie-talkies work together. Walkie-talkies will work together anywhere, they do not depend on any outside network like mobile phones do. They will work anywhere in the world (although there may be legal / licensing issues in some countries).

How Many Walkie Talkie Radios Will You Need?

You need to work out how many walkie-talkie radios you need for all of your users. If organising an event, you need to work out which of your stewards / security people / staff etc will require their own radio.

It is worth making sure that you have a few more than you definitely need - once your event starts, you may well find that more people need a walkie-talkie than you initially planned for. We often get a last-minute call from customers whose events have started asking us to send more radios out very urgently.

How Long Does the Walkie Talkie Battery Last?

Our walkie-talkie radio batteries will last for around 15-25 hours on one fully-charged battery. The exact battery life will depend on how much transmitting each radio does - it is transmitting that uses the most battery power. Recharging takes no more than 1-3 hours. We can provide spare battery packs if required, for a small extra charge.

If your event needs to use radios for 24 hours a day, then spare battery packs allow continuous radio operation, by swapping "flat" battery packs for recharged ones which are then placed on the chargers to recharge.

The spare batteries can be charged on their own as well as when attached to a radio.

Will You Need Earpiece / Microphones, speaker/mics or headsets?

Wide range of walkie talkie earpieces and headsets for hireDepending on your use for the walkie-talkie radios, you may find it useful to hire earpiece / microphones, speaker/microphones or headsets to go with your walkie-talkies.

If the radios are to be used in a noisy environment - for example where loud amplified music is being played - the user may not hear radio messages, especially if their walkie-talkie is on their belt or in their pocket unless they wear an earpiece/microphone.

Or they may want to be able to leave the radio attached to their belt and be able to speak into a lapel-worn speaker/microphone or a headset.

Wearing the earpiece/microphone avoids the possibility of important radio messages going unheard because of high ambient noise levels. At any event involving loud music, earpiece/microphones are a must. 

Also, for some applications, where privacy may be important, having your walkie-talkie radio users wearing earpieces prevents people standing near a radio user from hearing what is being said over the radio.

This can be useful in security and event work - for example to avoid causing panic, or alerting someone to the fact that they are being discussed on the radio.

We can also rent out lapel speaker/microphones, leather carry cases with neck straps, headsets of various types etc.

How Many Chargers Will You Need?

Six slot charger for hired walkie talkie radiosWe have enough chargers for one per walkie-talkie radio hired, and these are included in the hire price of the radios, but often users do not need this many. If your use for the radios only lasts for one day, or just a few hours, you almost certainly will not need one charger per radio. We always send our walkie-talkies out with their batteries fully charged up ready to use.

Let us know when arranging your hire how many of the chargers you want. We have six slot charger and also individual chargers.

How to Book Walkie Talkie Hire With Us

You can use our online hire quote and booking screen to get a total cost for what you need to hire, and to tell us that you want to book the hire of some radios, 24 hours a day.

If you want to hire some walkie-talkies from us, or if you want to talk to us about what you need, please call us on 020 7328 9792 or email us (

If you are a first-time customer, please check out our ID requirements. These may not apply if you are hiring on behalf of a known business or other organisation, but we reserve the right to ask for proof of ID and address.

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