Radio Repeaters For Hire


A repeater is a device that receives a radio signal from a walkie-talkie or other radio, and then instantaneously re-broadcasts (or "repeats") it with more power and from a better-situated radio aerial.

A repeater can be positioned centrally in an area of radio operations to significantly boost the area that is covered.

We have both UHF and VHF repeaters available to rent, including antennas with big spring clips for ease of attachment to whatever support you plan to use for the repeater's aerials.

Vertex VXR7000 Repeater For HireOur ICOM, Vertex VXR-7000 and Hytera Digital repeaters have up to 25 watts transmission power.

Repeaters can be used to increase the area of coverage for a group of walkie-talkie radios.

The repeater should be located in the approximate centre of the area that you need your walkie-talkies to cover, and with its aerial(s) in a high-up or prominent position - on a tower, a rooftop etc ideally.

We have both UHF and VHF radio repeaters available for hire, suitable for use with all of our walkie-talkie models for hire.

It is very simple to use - on/off switch, and channel selection buttons and volume control.

It has two channels, and each channel has a CTCSS code preset to screen out interference from other radio users nearby.

The repeater hire kit includes a mains power lead, and an aerial on a 10 metre long lead.

The repeater requires a standard 230v 13 amp mains socket for its power supply and needs to be positioned somewhere that is protected from the elements.

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