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Walkie Talkie Radio Communications for Festivals, Fetes, Sports Days, Etc.

Digital walkie talkies for hire -  ideal for managing public eventsSummer 2024 is coming, and there will be lots of event organisers needing to hire walkie-talkies!

Whatever the size or type of event that you are organising, we can provide professional digital walkie-talkie radios, base stations, mobile radios, digital walkie-talkies, repeaters and a full range of accessories including earpiece / microphones, headsets, spare batteries and leather carry cases and straps.

We have several years of experience in hiring suitable two-way radio equipment to the organisers of thousands of different public events including music festivals, sports tournaments, community fetes, fairs, marathons and fun-runs, stadium events, car and motorcycle club gatherings, religious gatherings, corporate hospitality and catering, equestrian events, weddings and many more.

Professional Walkie Talkie Radios For Hire

For most event sites, our powerful Hytera 16 channel digital UHF walkie-talkies will suffice - whether you need 5, 50 or 500 radios. We also have VHF analogue walkie-talkies which are particularly good for best range in open countryside.

Festival walkie-talkie user

The 16 channels available on our walkie-talkies allow channels to be allocated for different responsibilities within your event staff, such as security, emergency and medical, car parking, general stewarding, entertainment and backstage etc.

This spreads the communication "load" out across several channels, allowing important messages to be heard by only their intended recipients.

SIX SLOT chargers and extra battery packs for easy 24 hour operation

Our walkie-talkie radios come with six slot chargers, that can be used to charge 6 radios at a time, or to charge up spare battery packs, ready for quick changeover, to keep your hired walkies up and running 24 hours a day.

They are compact and easy to carry, and yet full-powered with up to 16 channels available.

Integral Belt-clips & Optional Leather Carry Cases

All of our hire walkie-talkies have belt clipsAll of our hire walkie-talkies come with an integral belt-clip making it easy to attach, and we also hire out leather cases with a neck-strap for those not wearing clothes with belts!


We can also supply powerful 25 watt vehicle radios which do not require any installation in the vehicle - simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket, stick the magnetic-mount aerial on the roof and they are ready to go.

These radios have a longer range than walkie-talkies, and can be useful for mobile security patrols, medical staff and on-site delivery vehicles. They will also communicate with our walkie-talkies.

Base Station Radios & Radio Repeaters

For some larger sites, event organisers may require one or more of our VHF and UHF radio repeaters to increase the area covered by a group of walkie-talkie radios.

We can also provide more powerful "base station" radios for use in your site office or event control point that will ensure that radio messages from the event management are definitely clearly received all over your event.

CLICK HERE for details on our base station / mobile radios, and CLICK HERE for more information on our radio repeaters.

Audio Accessories for Walkie-Talkies

Earpieces and headsets available with our walkie-talkies for hireWe can provide a full range of audio accessories to go with our walkie-talkie radio range. We do standard "D-type" earpiece / microphones, lapel speaker/mics ("Parrots") as well as "Madonna" style headsets and fully enclosed "aircraft" style headsets.

More details on our range of walkie-talkie earpieces, headsets and speaker / microphones and other accessories for hire.

The use of earpieces and headsets allows your stewards and other event staff to hear important radio messages even in noisy environments, and keeps radio messages private from members of the public standing hear someone with a radio.

Walkie-Talkie Radio Chargers and Spare Batteries

We know how important reliable communications are to successful event management. Our hire price includes enough "charging slots" for the number of radios hired.

We can also provide spare rechargeable battery packs for our radios for a small extra fee. With some extra batteries, you can leave the spare batteries on the chargers, and then quickly swap the fully charged ones for any batteries that run out in use.

Our rechargeable battery packs typically last 15 - 25 hours, depending on how much actual transmitting is done.

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