Long Distance Race Marshals

The Need For Walkie-Talkie Radios For Event Stewards / Marshals

Race marshals with walkie-talkie radiosWhen you organise a marathon, 10K run, other “fun run” or cycle race, you will need to have course marshals / stewards positioned all along the race course. They are also useful for marshals and stewards around motorsport events, especially rallies.

These event staff need walkie-talkies to stay in touch with each other and with the event control point.

Their tasks include reporting contestants taken ill or having problems requiring help, dealing with emergencies, managing spectators, etc.

Conventional Walkie-Talkie Radios and Range Limitations

Standard walkie-talkie radios have a range of only a couple of miles, and this can be even lower in amongst built-up streets of houses and other buildings.

This presents a big challenge for organisers of long-distance races, because course staff at one end of the event course are likely to be “out of range” of the walkie-talkies used by staff at the other end, and it would not be possible for an “event manager” to get a radio message out to all of the marshals and stewards.

The Solution: SIM-card Network Walkie-Talkie Radios For Course Marshals / Stewards

SIM Card Long-Range Walkie-TalkieWe have a new type of walkie-talkie radio for hire that contains a mobile phone network SIM card, and that uses the mobile data network to transmit messages over an unlimited range, provided that there is phone network coverage available.

These radios will allow all your race marshals / race stewards to stay in touch even around a full marathon course or an even longer and more spread-out area, such as a long-distance cycling event or motor car / motorcycle race or rally.

If you are organising a long-distance race and would like to hire some of our SIM card radios, please contact us using the details below.

We can also loan you a couple of the radios well before your event, so that you can test them out around the event course.

Call us on 020 7328 9792 if you have any questions, or want to discuss your event requirements.

PDF page describing unlimited range network walkie-talkies for hire

Some Existing Users of Our SIM Radios For Race Stewards / Marshals

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