We Hire Walkie Talkie Radios With Earpiece / Microphones

We have professional walkie-talkie radios available for hire with plug-in earpiece/microphones.

In many situations, users need to hire earpieces along with their walkie-talkies so that they can make effective use of the walkie-talkies in noisy environments, or where privacy of radios messages is important.

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Walkie talkies with earpieces and headsets for hireThe walkie-talkie all have a two-pin audio connector socket on the side, allowing many different types of earpiece / microphone to be plugged in. Our standard hire radios use the popular "Kenwood" twin-jack earpiece socket.

Once the earpiece is attached, the walkie-talkie's loudspeaker is disabled, and radio messages only come through the earpiece, meaning that only the radio user can hear what is being said.

This can be important in some situations, including security work where you do not want the general public to accidentally over-hear confidential radio messages.

Standard D-type Earpiece / Microphones For Hire

The most popular type of earpiece / microphone is the D-type "over the ear" earpiece, which also has a microphone with a spring clip to attach it to the user's collar or other clothing. The walkie-talkie user can then just press the Push To Talk button on the earpiece/mic when they want to speak to other radio users.Standard D-type walkie-talkie earpiece for rent

Another advantage of our "D type" earpiece / microphone is that because the earpiece part does not actually go in to the wearer's ear, there are no hygiene issues involved and the earpieces can be used by different people with no problems.

Semi-Covert Walkie-Talkie Radio Earpiece / Microphones For Hire

Some radio hirers prefer the more "discreet" style of earpiece with their hired walkie-talkies radios.

Semi covert radio earpiece for rentWe offer the "semi-covert" earpeice/microphone with a transparent curly audio tube with a soft plastic end that the wearer places in his ear. The microphone part of this earpiece / mic. is the same as for our standard D-type earpiece/microphone.

Customers should specify what style of earpiece/microphone they want to hire with their walkies.







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