Uses for Hired Walkie-Talkie Radios - Summary

The managers / organisers of any public event find that having walkie-talkies for instant communication, locating their fellow staff, and dealing with problems and even emergencies makes controlling their event a lot easier.

Our walkie-talkie radios have been hired for Music Festivals & Concerts, Crowd Control, Event Security, Event Stewarding, Fun-Runs, Marathons, Conferences, Film-making, Community Events, Fairs, Village Fetes, School Fetes, Sports Days, Car Boot Sales, Football & Rugby Tournaments, Stadium Events, Firework Displays, Religious Festivals & Processions, Installations, Office Moves, Drama / Theatre Events, Local Authority Events, Construction Projects & Road Works, Traffic & Parking management, Weddings, Horse Trials & Other Equestrian Events, Crane Operations, Political Rallies & Demonstrations, Holidays & Vacations and many other uses.

We have prepared a few pages about some popular uses for rented walkie-talkie radio equipment, together with details of what radio equipment might be required, and how the walkie-talkies might be used to best effect:

Hiring walkie-talkies for festivals, fetes, community events etc

Hired walkie-talkie radios for security / door supervisors etc

Renting radios for Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire Night / Firework Displays

Hire TWO-WAY Radios for Film Shoots, Film Making, TV & Video Production

Taking hired TWO-WAY radios on a ski or snowboard holidayS

Using hired TWO-WAY RADIOS for doing the "Three Peaks Challenge"

Hiring two-way radios for Christmas and New Year Parties



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