Frequencies Used By Our Radios

Standard Radio Hire Frequencies

Find below links to PDF documents showing the exact frequencies programmed into our hire radios.

Our walkie-talkies use a set of frequencies that are allocated by Ofcom for the use of radio hire companies. As such, they should not clash with licenced radios used permanently at any premises. 

List of Frequencies Used on UHF Hire Radios

List of Frequencies Used on VHF Hire Radios

Our Business Radio Supplier's Licence

We have a Business Radio Supplier's Licence, which allows us to hire out radios using the frequencies that Ofcom have allocated for the use of radio hire companies. Click on the links below to view our Ofcom licence documents.

Amherst Business Radio Suppliers Licence

Most recent licence renewal confirmation letter (licence renewed until 2024)

Custom Programming

If a radio hirer has their own licence, and needs our radios to be set to use the frequencies specified in that licence, we can re-program our radios, for a small charge to cover our time in programming the radios before sending them out, and also re-programming them back when they are returned.

Sometimes a hirer needs this to ensure that our radios will "talk" to some other radios being used at the same location.

If you want us to do this for you, we will need the full details of the frequencies, CTCSS codes etc that are to be used.

If you bring in or send to us one of the "other radios" we should be able to figure out what its setting are, so that we can program our hire walkie-talkies to match it.

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